Hey! Party people!!....Let me tell you about how all this got started. I'm the youngest of 3 children from Los Angeles,California...Better known as "Sunny California"! People say it never rains in California....thats because they're not from there!

I aspired to do a lot of things as children do growing up. From a vet to a child psychologist! Music was always something I enjoyed and loved but I never thought I'd get a chance to get in it. I played the cello when I was in elementary school, and was in the boys glee club until high school. I felt special because by this time I had develped a "music major" and was put in the "concert choir"!! My brother and sister and I just knew we'd be a show stopper group called "The 3 E's" because our names began with "E" of course. We'd perform for our family and company every chance we got. We were like stairsteps with me being the youngest.

Later with two of my best friends in high school we formed a dance group called "The Natural 3". The girls mother made our costumes and we were kicking!! We performed at some social clubs, and Mason's Balls!! Later I went to a park with my girlfriend, where they were hand picking people to dance on a t.v. show called "Soul Train"!! Not only were we picked, but we became regulars on the show! We were called every month for the tapings and acknowledged for creating a new dance, and also won prizes on the scrabble board!!

Afros, platform shoes, Fred Astair pants, to elephant leg bell bottoms coming down the line! This changed everything in my life! Some of us are still in touch and talk about the good old days....The show was such a hit that everybody wanted Soul Train Dancers to be a part of their show. It was instant celebertiy status being on a sucessful t.v show. We had a status that got us in all the clubs for free, and the cinemas!! I had the chance to perform at the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS before they were being televised. Opening act for Diana Ross, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin!! Some of us formed a group called "Somethin' Special" and toured with Tom Jones! Had the honor of working with, James Brown, Eddie Kendricks, and many international entertainers.

We toured all over Japan, Mexico and the USA! It was a such an experience....Working with these STARS I learned so much about performing and touring.... Coming to Austria in duo"The Show Sensation From The USA.....ESSENCE"!! We came on a tour for a couple of weeks....before we left to return home to the states.....We were booked again for a second time......We came back and was booked again this time with an option to stay for a year. We were constantly booked and touring all over "europe"! We even mangaged to get a couple of songs on the hit parade. It was only the beginning!

I started modeling a bit on the side....yeah..me on the cat walk! Once my name started circulating a jazz band asked me to gig with them in a jazz club...It was great!! I had a chance to sing some old standards with my own Eddie flair....The guys liked me and the gigs kept coming in!! Then other bands, the studios for commercials!

Then the musical director from the theater asked me to replace another singer who was ill...So I found myself thrown into a more concert atmosphere! I had musical experience in school, and even did an off Broadway play in called "Peopets" in Hollywood! (ala The Wiz) Ray Charles program with "The Crazy Hauer Big Band"! "Jazz4mation feat. Eddie Cole" "Eddie & The Boyz"! "A Tribute To Black Music" where we covered it all from Fats Waller to Duke Ellington in paying homage to many black films and musicals.
And you know what? I'm still in the mix!! *g* So....have a look around and enjoy my web site!! Thanks for stoppin by!!  Click here to check me out on myspace...



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